Plants make up the softscape. They provide for seasonal differentiation and interest. Folage and flowers present dynamic variations throughout the growing season. Folage allows for textures that may be lacey, sharp, or billowing. Folage gives depth of color and may help cool an area. Flowers can provide for soft accents or showy vibrance. Flowers can be used for bursts of discovery and to announce the change of seasons.

I will present plant choices for their hardiness, native orgins, perennial food crops, and their attraction to people, birds, and butterflies.

Plants are hand-picked and ordered from local growers and greenhouses. Plants are chosen for root quality as they may not be in bloom or may be dormant when installed.

Plant selection is based on:

  • Native species
  • Hardy varieties of food producing crops
  • Species serving multiple purposes
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Accents (Permanent and Seasonal)
  • Natural mulching capabilities
  • Beneficial insect attraction