Activity and Rest

Project(s) Scope and Client Requirements?
A busy couple with two young children and strollers needed an easily maintained sidewalk between their garage and home. They wanted the area to have a nice flow and connect the driveway in front to the deck in back. The family wanted an intimate, private area for small group outdoor entertaining and relaxation. The couple wanted an area dedicated to grilling. In my assessment of the home and current plantings, I recognized this couple enjoyed fresh herbs and gardening.

What Was Done?
The design, materials list and product samples were presented. The sidewalk was designed to resemble river like curves that eddied into the planting beds, and entrances for the garage and home.  The paver sidewalk achieved the clients requirements as it connected the driveway, garage, home, deck and newly designed stone patio. The dimensions for the stone patio were 14x14.  Included was a grilling station, and seating area that would seat six comfortably. For water management small rain gardens were installed at the edge of the patio with any surface flow moving into the yard. To promote an intmate private area, dense upright conifers were selected. These conifers also provide an area for our feathered friends. Selected plantings surrounding the patio were aimed not only on privacy but texture, scents, and seasonal colors.  Containers to accented the home and garden were selected by the family. The containers were planted with herbs to use during grilling. Plantings along the sidewalk were selected for shade tolerance and continued the herb theme. The pavers and plantings stabilized the land between the garage and the home and prevented erosion. A copper trellis was commissioned to fit the edge of the garage and camouflages the downspouts from eye level down.