A Touch of the Northshore

Project(s) Scope and Client Requirements?
An active family with children who had outgrown the play set area wanted to create more usable spaces and a sense of privacy from the neighborhood. They wanted the area to have directed flow, utilize existing materials as much as possible, and create different areas for entertainment and relaxation.  During my assessment of the home and lifestyle, I found this family loved the outdoors and outdoor activities.

What Was Done?
The design, materials list and product samples were presented. The area that had been occupied by the play set was turned into a recreational fire area with seating wall and privacy plantings.  The project was designed to be installed in stages.  The first two stages included the firepit area and planting screen.  The materials selected for the walls and patio area were from the Rainy Lake area to give the feel of the northwoods country along with accent stone existing on site.  The plantings were selected to resemble those found in northern Minnesota along with ornamental accents.  They included serviceberry, white pine, sumac, cedar, and fir.  The plantings were installed to create a semblance of privacy while not blocking the views of the marsh behind the property.  The planting area nearest the firepit area has been designed for scented herbs which can be burned while having the recreational fires.  Fruiting groundcovers and prairie plantings were also designed to create habitat areas for birds and insects.  Future stages of this project include a patio below the deck area adjacent to the residence as well as a contained water feature for tranquility.