Japanese Garden

Project(s) Scope & Client Requirements
My first interaction with this client was her rather pointed statement that she fires landscapers. Since I am  a designer, installer and facilitator I figured I was safe. I was informed the landscape needed to be a budget friendly front entry. The client wanted a defined path for postage delivery. It was thought to be prudent to create a feature that was appealing to the eye and moved water away from the foundation. The front yard had big beautiful trees that allowed for dappled light. The client had a fabulous green thumb and wanted open and prepped areas for personal use. An opportunity to discuss drought tolerant plantings made for fun conversation and the free flowing exchange of ideas.

What Was Done
I presented a design, materials list and price that met the clients request. Demolition of existing plantings, re-contouring of the newly defined front entry, walking path and garden area were implemented.  The design aimed to create visual height differences and areas of interest. A variety of natural stone was used to create a Japanese style garden. The stone included Algal jasper, Chilton limestone, and Rainy Lake slate. These stones provided a beautiful marriage of color, texture, function and flow. Shade tolerant plantings occupied some of the planting area with ample play room for this amazing green thumb. Ephemeral dry creeks with pools to move water away from house were created.