Re-Use and Re-Build Projects

Often clients will contact me concerning existing landscape features that they would either like to save or rebuild into their landscape.  Here are some projects re-using existing materials.

Granite Entry Reconstruction

Project Scope

The original entry sidewalk and patio was installed in the early 1970's.  The original entry was installed with a slope that was following the natural incline and the base material had washed out making the entry area unstable and unsafe.   The outer retaining ledge was also rotting away further complicating the stability of the area.  Water pooled in areas of the entry creating ice patches during freezing weather.  The home owners wanted to reuse the granite if possible, reduce the slope of the entry and create an area more suitable for seating when desired.  Since the granite flagstone was in excellent condition we determined that it could easily be re-used.  The clients also wanted to make sure the installation did not disturb the naturalized setting of their residence.

What Was Done

The granite sidewalk was re-designed to incorporate a step to reduce pitch; the stone was also cleaned and set with appropriate base materials to promote years of use.  The outer retaining ledge was rebuilt with northern Minnesota slate, replacing the failing landscape timbers.  Pavers were incorporated into the entry area near the foundation creating a transition zone from natural materials to the manufactured materials of the residence.  LED low voltage lighting was also incorporated for accent and safety.