Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Design Philosophy

I have never met a "black thumb".  I have encountered landscapes that did not meet the lifestyle needs of the people.  My design philosophy is rather simple, you should enjoy the landscape, the landscape should give back to the earth and the landscape should be sustainable.

You are unique.  The design process is intractive to afford the most personalized outcome.  The design focus is on your desires, the needs for a given area, the property layout, and the architecture.

The designs I create bring together both dynamic and static components using Permaculture and Agroecological concepts.  The dynamic components consist of plantings that may focus on desired wildlife, the edible or lasagna garden, herbal and aromatic plantings.  Static aspects include elements such as patios, paths, walls and other structures.

Every project is individually designed creating a unique habitat.


Design Only Process


General Process for Design and Installation