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Rain Garden

Rain Garden

Rain Garden

Site Conditions

During the construction of a beautiful addition to this home, soil compaction occurred. The garage and back yard flooded in the spring of 2009. Correction of the flooding was further complicated by the increased surface area associated with the addition’s roof, the topography of the neighborhood, lot’s size and watershed.  A retaining wall was needed to prevent the neighboring garage foundation from moving due to erosion. The family needed plantings that were easily maintained, child-friendly, pleasant and pleasing to the eye, and allowed for a family play area.

Project Description

A rain garden was installed to accommodate the flooding issues.  The rain garden was approximately 200 sq. feet and was mandated by the water management need. Three feet of compacted soil was excavated. This area was then filled with loose soil and perennial plantings were installed. A retaining wall secured the foundation for the neighbor’s garage and provided for variation in height and planting area. A defined boundary was installed opposite to the retaining wall giving synergy and as a marker for lot definition. This boundary enhanced the merging of the neighboring backyard. Additional plantings allowed for the sense of a continuous landscape. Turf was installed to define and provide for a lush family play area.